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Have you got an EICR?

April 6, 2021

Since April 1st, all private landlords in England are required by law to carry out safety checks on electrical installations in rented properties, using a qualified and certified electrician.

We all know the risks of dodgy electrical installations, including shocks and even fire.

These new regulations now apply to both existing and new tenancies – and ignorance of the law certainly isn’t bliss!

Fail to comply and landlords run the risk of a substantial financial penalty of up to £30k!

So what does the new legislation mean?

By law, landlords must now:

  • Ensure all fixed electrical property parts are inspected, including the wiring, socket-outlets (plugs), light fittings and consumer units/fuse boxes. Permanently-connected equipment such as showers and extractors are also covered but domestic appliances,
    such as TVs, are exempt.
  • Provide an Electrical Safety Condition Report (EICR) to new and existing tenants.  This reinforces legislation that came into force in July last year, compelling landlords to carry out the checks on all new tenancies.
  • Complete any remedial work, identified by the inspection, within 28 days. Copies must
    be provided to tenants and the local authority, confirming work has been completed by a
    certified electrician.
  • Repeat the checks on a five-yearly basis.

To find out more – and how Covid has impacted these inspections – please view my latest video or just give me a call.

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