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Seeking help at first signs of financial hardship

January 24, 2022

A Government scheme to help low-income renters struggling during the pandemic appears to be working – coupled with a proactive approach from local lettings agents.

Town & Country Property Services has worked hard to develop a “human approach” for people experiencing a range of issues and is pleased to report less than 1 percent of arrears over the past two years, since the Covid-19 outbreak began.

This illustrates that good communication is key – and it’s “good to talk!”

Our policy to invest time and effort in two-way conversations is welcomed by tenants and landlords alike and has helped us to come up with solutions.

This approach is likely to continue to pay off in 2022, with inflation rates rising at the highest levels for nearly 30 years and gas and electricity costs spiralling.

Inevitably, this will increase the “squeeze” on some households, causing worry and heartache. So what’s our advice if you’re in danger of falling behind?

T & C Director Steve Chipp said, “Understandably, some tenants may be tempted to bury their hands in the sand but sadly these issues don’t normally go away.

“We all know people face losing more than their home if they’re evicted. They can also lose vital support networks; job opportunities and school places; and family members’ mental health and well-being are often placed on the line.

“I can’t emphasise it strongly enough that tenants shouldn’t hesitate to seek help at the first signs of financial hardship, before facing a major risk of eviction. This means we can offer possible solutions and also keep landlords fully up to speed.

“If a tenancy is underwritten by a guarantor, then they are the first port of call.

“If that’s not the case, councils can be a good option as they will often step in before they have a legal obligation to offer emergency housing.”

In recognition that some people are facing financial crises, the Government unveiled a £65 million support for vulnerable renters in October last year.

For more information:

£65 million support package for vulnerable renters – GOV.UK (

For more general advice for landlords and tenants, see Guidance for Landlords and Tenants or just give us a call.

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