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Shaking Up the Rental System – Chance to Have Your Say!

May 17, 2021

What do you know about Government proposals to reform the private rental system?
Fairly sweeping changes – impacting landlords and tenants alike – were first outlined in the Tories’ 2019 Election Manifesto but inevitably Covid-19 put everything on hold.

To be honest, we weren’t very much wiser after the Queen’s Speech but Ministers have promised a White Paper in the Autumn – plus a pledge to consult letting agents and other stakeholders.

So what do you think? It looks like we will get a chance to give our views so I’d love to know your views on initial proposals, which will supersede any current emergency legislation prompted by the pandemic.

Here’s a quick overview of what we may expect.

  • Rolling out proposals for a lifetime tenancy deposit model, removing the need for new deposit every time people move
  • Improving accommodation standards and cracking down on rogue landlords
  • Banning “no fault” evictions by abolishing the Section 21 powers
  • Beefing up powers to assist landlords who do have “valid cause” by strengthening the Section 8 process.
  • Considering whether the re-possession legal process needs to be more efficient in the courts.
  • Ensuring private landlords belong to a redress scheme
  • Looking at whether a landlord register is required.

Please bear in mind that we don’t know the detail and the proposals aren’t cast in stone !

On a positive note, the Queen also said the Government will establish a new Building Safety regulator to help ensure “the tragedies of the past are never repeated” – a clear reference to the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Need more info – and to let me know what you think – do give me a shout. For this to work, it’s vital that the Government canvasses a wide range of views. I’ll certainly be passing on my thoughts!

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